Fuzzrocious Knob Jawn Analog & Digital Octave Pedal

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The Fuzzrocious Knob Jawn is an octave pedal that combines both digital and analog octaving in a single casing. This gives you an unprecedented amount of versatility for your octave effect, so whether you're looking for a dirty monophonic sound or a more polished polyphonic effect, you can achieve it. With the pedal's giant knob, you can blend the two octave tones, and also run them individually. Additionally, you have a dry/wet knob and a blend/solo pot for selecting octave up or octave down. This is one of the most unique octave pedals on the market thanks to its stellar use of blending digital and analog octaving.


-Digital and Analog octaving in one enclosure
-Blend knob, Dry/Wet knob, and -/+ knob
-Enclosure powdercoated and screenprinted by JuxtaPrints