Walrus Audio Canvas Mono Line Isolator D.I.

  • Walrus Audio Canvas Mono Line Isolator D.I.
  • Walrus Audio Canvas Mono Line Isolator D.I.
  • Walrus Audio Canvas Mono Line Isolator D.I.
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Whether you're playing sold-out stadium shows or weekend gigs at your local dive bar, Walrus Audio's Canvas Mono Line Isolator D.I. is a top-notch tool for players looking to convert their unbalanced signal into a balanced one for optimal sound quality. Compact and sturdy, the Canvas packs everything you could need from a D.I. into a pedal-sized enclosure, making it the perfect addition to any effects board.

The Canvas Mono is a passive line isolator and D.I., allowing for a wide variety of performance uses. Are you a guitarist or bassist looking to connect to your interface for live performances? Run the Canvas Mono as a D.I., and it'll reduce your signal by -20dB (-35dB with pad engaged) so it can be properly mixed. Are you a performer who often uses an amp + cab simulator? Use the Canvas Mono as a line isolator, and your signal will remain at full volume and be converted to a balanced signal via the transformer connected to the XLR output. No matter what your D.I. needs are, the Canvas Mono is more than capable of handling them.

Simple, practical, and impressively useful, Walrus Audio's Canvas Mono is perfect for players looking for a well-built, easy-to-use D.I.

-Flat frequency response from 20Hz-20kHz
-Converts ¼" unbalanced input to XLR balanced output.
-Transformer isolated output.
-Sum switch turns the Thru channel into a second input when engaged,
allowing stereo input signals to be summed to the XLR output.
-Pad: Enabled a -15dB input pad (Only in D.I. mode) for reducing hot signals
in order to minimize distortion.
-D.I./L.I.: Choose between DI or LI (Out for DI, In for LI)
-GND Lift: Isolates the GND pin on XLR to help reduce hum if present.
Leave out for normal operation.
-Custom wound transformers for low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) and
full frequency response.

SKU: 900-1064