Vintage Electric Guitars

Vintage Electric Guitars

As one of the best places to find vintage electric guitars, Cream City Music goes above and beyond to find the most unique and special vintage electrics for players everywhere.

Whether you’re a collector looking to find a unique piece or a player trying to capture the sound of the past, our selection of collectible electric guitars will have something for you.

Our collection spans multiple brands, including both those popular among all guitarists and those only known to true enthusiasts. With frequent additions, you can always find a new selection of iconic guitars and brands, including both vintage Fender and vintage Gibson electric guitars.

Cream City’s team of expert luthiers have spent countless hours restoring and repairing these classic electrics so you can proudly display and play any purchased guitar right out of the case.  

Hand-craftsmanship makes each vintage guitar a work of art. With construction techniques that are rarely replicated today, our vintage electrics offer musicians the opportunity to own guitars that are truly one of a kind.

For any assistance or questions about a specific guitar or it’s condition, please call us at  1-800-800-0087. Our experts on vintage guitars will be able to provide you with in depth knowledge on our complete collection.

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