Effects Pedals

Common Questions About Guitar Effects Pedals

Effect pedals are one of the most personal pieces of equipment in any guitarist’s setup.

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To help those new to guitar pedals, we have a brief need-to-know guide on guitar effects below.

What is a guitar pedal?

Effects pedals (sometimes referred to as guitar foot pedals) are devices that help alter the sound of a guitar and allow you to achieve tones a guitar alone can’t.

The effects used while playing can help determine the overall tone and style of a guitarist music, so the perfect guitar effects pedal for you will come down to personal preference and your own unique taste in sound.

Whether looking to recreate your favorite song or flex your creative muscles, effect pedals give you limitless possibilities.

What is a pedalboard?

Pedalboards are used to mount foot pedals to keep a guitarist’s pedals organized and in one place.

Instead of being spread out on the ground individually, a pedalboard houses a guitarist’s effects for easier access and transportation.

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What types of guitar pedals are there?

There are many different guitar effects pedals available to guitarist, but the core effects include overdrive and boost, distortion and fuzz, delay and reverb, and loopers.

Cream City Music also carries a large selection of acoustic effects pedals that will help drill down the perfect sound for your acoustic-electric guitar. Additionally, we have a wide range of bass guitar effects pedals to take the sound of your bass guitar to the next level.

Still not sure which effect pedal is best for you? Check out our selection of guitar effects that are great for beginners.